The Beginning..

it's so hard to start .. express emotions in words .. particularly emotions as deep as these are ..

we are in the last weeks of winter .. i just got back home from the `land of  mountains` .. i was like freaked out for some reason .. some reason i don't wish to talk of now .. then i got a call .. I couldn't find any reasons why not to go out .. i didn't have the faintest idea how thats gonna change my life ..

what I feel now .. it`s not that people call love .. it's an emotional bond .. a bond what even God himself couldn't ever dismiss..

17.4.08 23:25


Days passing by..

days turned into weeks .. we met occasionally .. we met more often .. and even more often ..  meanwhile .. however neither of us intended .. i started to get dependent on you .. my bestest friend .. mon champion .. thank you for the way you treat me .. thank you for being for me ..

17.4.08 23:59

Moments of Desperation..

everyone has its moments of desperation .. even those who claim to the contrary .. these are the moments when i feel the most .. i would not be able to live without you .. finally my life has a goal .. i wanna b with you all the time and never be elsewhere .. and last ~ but not at least .. thank you for being for me ..

20.4.08 22:42


Before i take a step i consider if you liked that step .. before i breath i consider if you liked the way i do it .. in no conditions would i risk to lose you .. i simply cannot afford to lose you .. i love you more than everything in this life ..


30.4.08 22:37

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